Candle Care

Candle Care

Trim the Wick.
It’s important to always trim the wick of your candle before lighting it. The wick should be no longer than 1/4”. This helps to keep the flame from becoming too tall and uncontrolled. When you have a shorter flame that is controlled, it allows for a cooler burn resulting in more fragrance and a longer lasting candle. You can use a wick trimmer or, if you don’t have one you can pinch off the top of the wick with your fingers. 


Remember this.
Our candles are made from 100% soy wax. Soy wax has a memory. It is important to allow your candle to burn long enough that it melts all the way to the edges of the jar. If you snuff out your candle prior to this, tunnelling will occur and you will not get the most out of your candle. 


Time’s up. 
Keep an eye on the time when you are burning your candles. Candles are meant to burn no longer than 4 hours. 


Snuff, don’t blow. 
When it’s time to blow out your candle make sure that you snuff it out rather than blowing it out. If you do not have a candle snuffer, you can simply place the lid of the jar over the candle and the flame will go out. When you blow out the flame it creates a lot of smoke which will mask the wonderful fragrance that you just filled your home with. 


Eye on the prize. 
Make sure that your candle is placed on a flat, non-flammable surface that is out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 


Finish line. 
When there is only 1/2” of wax remaining in your candle jar, it is time to clean it out and repurpose it. 


Please ensure that you place your sculptural candles on candle holders, plates, trays etc. as the wax will drip. When not in use keep candles out of direct sunlight. 
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